How To Increase Your Search Engine Ranking – A Complete Guide 2023

How To Increase Your Search Engine Ranking
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Search engine optimization is primarily responsible for the ranking of your website. Low-grade SEO compatibility leads to the languishing of the website and the downfall of ranking. If you are a beginner looking for A Complete Guide on How to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking, then you are at the right place. 

Here in this article, we will provide a complete guide on What is SEO? How to increase your search engine ranking? With some most effective tips and tricks. After a lot of research, we have prepared this practical guide for you. 

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is the algorithm of search engines to deliver the required results to the users. Whenever you search for something on any search engine, it will direct you to some similar results. 

The phrase you require is accustomed to expected furnishing results. This is called SEO. 

The primary task of SEO is to help the user to get the desirable results and advance the findings. A website which is having good SEO is supposed to receive more traffic and will be displayed as a result to most of the users. 

It is easy, cheap to maintain, and a great tool to get more engagement on the internet. 

Not everyone is aware of SEO 

According to the research and analysis, about 66% of all internet businesses and websites are unfamiliar with search engine optimization and are missing out on potential growth and expansion. And the offline market is shifting towards the online market. So, having a well-established website is crucial to surviving in the future. 

For this, there is a need to make your website SEO friendly and increase the search engine ranking. SEO is nothing but formed on three pillars. Here are them; let’s have a look: 

  • Content 

Content is like describing your product or service in the best possible way on the website. The user will get the idea only through the comment written. 

The website content is also known as on-page SEO. Both the images and videos are also a part of the content. The content must be impressive and readable. If the user grows interested, it will establish a long-term relationship with them. 

While working with the keywords, ensure you meet the users’ requirements and needs. Use the keywords the customer is looking for, or your service is based upon. This will allow the targeted audience to vault your site. Content will help you to get organic traffic. 

  • Technical SEO 

The technical aspects of your website or blogs are considered in the Technical SEO. From the layout of the page to the user experience, all are part of technical SEO. Providing the users best possible experience and convenience will bind them in a long-term relationship with your website. More importantly, a reasonable structure of the pages will make Google rank your site. 

Some aspects that are included in the technical SEO are as under: 

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Site Security
  • Metadata
  • Page speed
  • Your site’s architecture and navigation
  • Internal links
  • URL structures


  • Link building 

Link building is an SEO technique in which another page or source refers to the link of your website to its users. This tactic is sometimes referred to as off-page SEO. You can also comfort the link building as recommendations or virtual likes by other pages. Google will also rank the website which has more links to other websites and pages. 

Remember that quality matters more than quantity. So, instead of cheap and unnecessary link building, go for renewed websites for recommendation and digital PR. Also, google will make the websites spam and use it to build links through PBN, a Private blog network. 

3 Important Tips to Improve your Search Engine Ranking

Now, after a brief knowledge of How SEO works, it’s time to get to know about the best ways to increase search engine ranking. These all are proven ways to get more organic engagement from Google. 

1. SEO is for people 

The users come along with a lot of queries and are supposed to get relevant answers on the internet. So, make sure that those who visit your webinar will get adequate answers. SEO is to target people, not the search engine. So, keep in mind to make your website engaging and work on the readability of the content. 

Accomplishing the same, some people used to stuff a lot of keywords that make no sense. So, try to use a few but the most valuable and required keywords on which the content is based. 

2. User experience 

Every user or visitor must be satisfied with your website so keep in mind that it is compatible with all devices, including Android, iOS, and desktops. Some websites only work on desktops and avoid mobile devices. Google will rank them down for the same. Use relevant page layouts, designs, fonts, bold, italic colors, backgrounds, images, videos, and graphics to enhance the user experience. 

3. Use relevant keywords 

Keywords are the primary aspect responsible for organic traffic and engagement. Do a proper analysis of what users want, and then use relevant keywords in your content. You can use the best keyword research tools to get good keywords. 

[ Bonus Tips ]

1. Reasonable content 

The content you are offering to the users is the backbone of your website. Never made silly grammatical mistakes, plagiarism, and unnecessary stuffing in it. Make sure it is unique and offers high quality. Hiring a content writer is the best alternative for the same. 

2. Inspiration from competitors 

See top-ranked websites of a similar niche and observe what they have and what you need to improve. It does not mean you copy them, just take an idea and go on. It will help you to decide upon a new topic and unique content. 


Nowadays, getting your business online is an excellent strategy for massive earnings and expanding the business itself. This guide will help beginners get more engagement and a high ranking on search engines like google.

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