Mental Health Obesity Relationship USA 2021 Nutritious Diet
June 25, 2021

Mental Health Obesity Relationship USA 2021

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Topic: Mental Health Obesity Relationship USA 2021

Mental Health Obesity Relationship USA 2021

Mental Health Obesity Relationship USA 2021

Obesity is a severe problem in America. Over 42% of American adults age 20 and above are obese. Being overweight or obese can have severe health complications, including heart attack, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and even cancer. While most people are aware of the physical health issues that can arise from obesity, many are uninformed of the significant relationship between mental health and obesity.

People with a BMI of 25-29.9 are considered overweight, while a body mass index of 30.0 and above is called obese. It means that your bodyweight exceeds the number it should be according to your height.


A large number of studies have found out a significant link between mental health and obesity. Obesity tends to generate anxiety disorders and mood swings and also increases the possibility of suffering from depression. However, the severity of the concern varies from person to person. The intensity of mental health might not worsen in some people as compared to others.

Obesity links to an uncontrollable urge to eat, and people who encounter emotional distress might end up overeating. Many people tend to address stress by relying on food, leading to obesity.

Mental Health Obesity Relationship USA 2021

Mental Health Obesity Relationship USA 2021

For other people, this circle moves anticlockwise. Obesity may cause emotional distress. We live in a world where we are continuously criticized for being overweight. Listening to negative comments, absorbing body shaming, and provocative remarks can lead one to feel bad about himself.

This lowers one’s self-esteem, and confidence makes one self-conscious and challenging to participate in social activities. All of this together provokes stress which harms your mental health. Read more about Mental Health Obesity Relationship USA 2021.


Due to the attached stigma to their physicality, judgments, low self-esteem, obese people face mental health issues.

  • Anxiety

According to the Mental Health Obesity Relationship USA 2021 study people who are obese tend to worry about minute things in life, which is known as generalized anxiety significantly. Being self-conscious, a lot of people are not comfortable with social interactions, which leads to social anxiety disorder.

  • Panic disorder

Along with anxiety disorders, obese people are also more likely to suffer from panic disorders. This includes panic attacks, dizziness, shortness of breath, and chest pains.

  • Depression

Depression is another major connection between mental health and obesity, which involves the feeling of extreme sadness, loss of interest, and negativity about your own body. Depression provokes increased appetite and weight gain, which leads to obesity. Studies show that the relationship between the two can also be vice versa. A person dealing with an existing depression might find his escape in food that can proceed to obesity.

  • Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder refers to having manic depressive episodes. People suffering from bipolar disorders may include:

  • Irritable mood for a week
  • Impulsive behavior
  • The high energy that interrupts sleep
  • Racing thoughts

Like other conditions, bipolar people also find solace in food that leads to obesity. Being obese and bipolar can instigate risky problems like a larger number of depressive episodes, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and resistance to treatment.


It is supremely essential to stay healthy in order to improve your physical and mental wellness. You must take a nutritious diet, take proper sleep, exercise, and practice mindfulness to counter the adverse effects of obesity on your mental health. So this concludes the topic for Mental Health Obesity Relationship USA 2021.

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