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  • Easy to Cary – Easy strapping and light weight feature are added to this mat for easy Transport and storage.
  • All-Purpose premium exercise yoga mat is manufactured and sold exclusively in India only.
  • Eco-Friendly and Anti –Tear Mat -With Single sided non-slip surfaces. Our premium exercise yoga mat comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries.
  • We believe in creating finest eco friendly products that are safe for your body, mind and spirit.
  • The recyclable EVA mat is biodegradable silicone, materials.100% non-toxic and safe to people, good quality material will prevent sweat and dirt from absorbing into the mat, easy to maintain.
  • Easy to clean – The moisture resistant technology and high Quality material make mat to be easily washed with soap and water.
  • Storage and care – Exceptional resilience allow you to keep your balance during any exercise style.
  • Anti Skid Workout Yoga Mat India 2021



Anti Skid Workout Yoga Mat India 2021

Anti Skid Workout Yoga Mat India 2021

Are you looking for an anti-skid workout yoga mat? While yoga is an essential way to make your life peaceful and body healthy, it’s not an easy workout technique. You need to have extreme peace and focus of mind to practice yoga.

Anti Skid Workout Yoga Mat India 2021

Now if you are planning to invest in a yoga mat, you may definitely know how beneficial yoga and workout can be for our health, right? After all, every doctor nowadays suggests workout and yoga as a way to stay healthy and mentally fit. But it’s not really easy to achieve those results and enjoy a healthy workout time when you don’t have the right props.

Now it’s not always about the dumbbells or weights you have, but also the comforting yoga or workout space you choose. While there isn’t any comfy sofa or floor that serves as an ideal location for you to practice yoga, it’s important you arrange one. After all, you don’t want to have your back muscle pulled after stretching on the rigid floor right?

This is where an anti-skid workout yoga mat serves just rightly. Especially with this strauss anti-skid workout yoga mat around, you can surely enjoy hours of workout or yoga without an uneasy or hard floor feeling.

All thanks to its 100 mm thickness and slip proof/waterproof design that ensures your workout ease. So even if you’re sweating or planning to do yoga on the mountains, this anti-skid workout yoga mat will surely be an ideal mat to start the workout on.

But if that’s not all, then the easy-to-carry straps and tear proof and damage free manufacturing of this mat also adds more convenience and usage ease for you. So you can carry it anywhere you want, and expect this mat to stick around in its thick and solid state, even after years of usage. Al you have to do is set it up on any hard surface, enjoy your yoga or workout time, and then easily roll it up and carry anywhere you want.


  • Washable mat
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • Available in multiple colours


  • Can be large to carry around
  • Carrying strap isn’t very strong

Final verdict:

With this anti-skid workout yoga mat making your yoga and workout sessions more comfortable and fun, what’s making you wait? Go ahead, grab your favourite color of this yoga mat, and enjoy your healthy yoga sessions.

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