Fireproof Wireless Charger India 2021 Safer Performance

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  • RAEGR Wireless Charger Qi-Certified . 
  • 10W Output for Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+/S10/S10+/S10E/S20/S20+/Note 9/Note 8/Note 5/S10/S10 Plus & S7/ S7 Edge/ S6 Edge Plus
  • While using QC2.0/QC3.0 adapter (9V,1.67A) . 7.5W Output for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS MAX / XR / XS / X / 8 /8 Plus
  • While using QC2.0/QC3.0 adapter (9V,1.67A). 5W Output for All Qi – Enabled Phones while Using 5V, 2A adapter. Please use the most appropriate adapters for best results.
  • RAEGR Arc 400 Qi – Certified provides short circuit prevention, surge protection, and temperature control.
  • Made of ABS material which is fire-resistant .
  • Matte Finish surface and pads of the Fast Ultra Thin Wireless Charger prevent it from slipping.
  • LED indicator allows easily to check the charge status.
  • Ultra Thin Wireless Phone Charger can charge your phone with a Plastic/Rubber case on it under 5 mm thickness.
  • Fireproof Wireless Charger India 2021



Fireproof Wireless Charger India 2021

Fireproof Wireless Charger India 2021

Charging your phone can be the utmost need for every smartphone user. While the smartphones today seem to have more features and advanced working in every way, they may also offer less battery timing.

Fireproof Wireless Charger India 2021

Of course, you can’t have it all, right? But it’s just devastating to find your smartphone dead in the middle of the night or during a road trip. At times like these, finding a charging spot can be the real struggle, especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere.But why? What are smart devices for when not to save you in such struggling times?

While the smart innovations in smartphones may have made their battery lives lesser, the new introductions of smart devices like a wireless charger is the new power pack solution. Besides, even if you have the best battery in your smartphone, it may end up beign drained someday, right? And you can’t always be near a charging spot to charge your smartphone.

Now it’s definitely a nightmare to be stuck in such a situation when we are fond of using our smartphones for everything. But don’t worry, a fireproof wireless charger can be your superman in this tough time. No, it’s not going to fly in the sky and save you, but it will definitely save your phone from dying. And that’s certainly the same thing as saving you.

One best fireproof warless charger here is the RAEGR ARC wireless charger. What makes this charger ideal is the 10W, 7.5W, and 5W wireless charging modes available in it. So you can choose your phone or adapter according to these charging modes, and charge your phone easily. Simply put, it serves as an ideal charger for all types of adapters.

Moreover, you get safer performance with this fireproof wireless charger, that prevents any kind of short circuit, temperature exceeding, or surge issues. All thanks to its fire-resistant ABS manufacturing. Moreover, the slim design and easy charging though the case of this ultra-thin fireproof wireless charger makes it a stylish and smart addition to your chargers – just this one’s better than the rest!


  • Attractive and slim outlook
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to use


  • Understanding charging power can take time
  • A bit costly

Final verdict:

When you have a smart, powerful, fast, and fireproof wireless charger around, what more do you need? So go ahead and save your phone from the future emergencies.

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