Hand Blender Kitchen Daily Use India 2021 Powerful and Reliable

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  • Steel Rod, Rust Proof metal rod for hot/cold blending.
  • The rust free stainless steel arm and blades supports the blending of cold and hot ingredients.
  • The voltage is 230 volts and the RPM is 18000 rpm
  • Cord length : 1.2 m and Power 250 W. 
  • Do not to use product more than 60Sec in one go. 
  • 2 years Warranty
  • 20 minutes blending of Hot & Cold Dishes
  • Removable blades for whisking & Whipping
  • Length of the Product:13 Inches, Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Easy Clean,Wall bracket for easy storage
  • Made in India
  • Includes: Hand Blender & Whisk
  • The steel is less corrosive and food graded material which is safe to use.
  • Hand Blender Kitchen Daily Use India 2021
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Hand Blender Kitchen Daily Use India 2021

Hand Blender Kitchen Daily Use India 2021

Are you looking for a smart hand blender for your kitchen blending tasks? Whether it’s making as tasty and fluffy cake dough or it’s about mixing that pizza batter, perfection is one thing everyone demands

Hand Blender Kitchen Daily Use India 2021

You don’t’ have to be the master chef in some fancy restaurant for this. Instead, even if you’re serving your kids or a few guests, it’s obvious to want to make perfect treats to delight their taste buds.

But how can you really do that when you’re sort on time and more demanded for efforts? For instance, being able to bake cookies may not be hard, but making 2-3 treats at the same time can take all of your energy. Now you won’t want to waste your energy just like that on small cooking task, and be left with no energy when the party really starts, right?

Considering that, it’s always better to seek help from the smart tools in your kitchen. Now, we all have a juice and blender and a microwave oven in the kitchen. But is that enough to make your cooking faster and easier? Certainly not! Especially when you’re the baking kind/queen, you definitely need a hand blender kitchen daily use. For that, this Philips blender may be the perfect addition to your collection of helpful kitchen gadgets.

If you’re wondering why this hand blender kitchen daily use is the ideal option for you to invest in, let us explore some of its smart features.

Firstly, you get a 230 watts power consumption, which isn’t too less or too much. So you get a strong and fast hand blender that doesn’t even consumes too much of the electricity. Additionally, it also offers you with 2 variable speed and a 18000 RPM, making blending tasks convenient according to the time you have available. Now isn’t that smart?

But wait! That’s not all, as this hand blender kitchen daily use also includes 2 stainless steel blades that serve in completing all the blending tasks effortlessly. So it’s not just a powerful blender but also a convenient helper in your kitchen.

Moreover, the additional wall mounting stand that comes along, adds a touch of setup ease for you. So there’s no need to make space for this hand blender in your drawers, as it will make its place in your kitchen itself.


  • Appealing look
  • Powerful blending
  • Easy to use


  • Takes time to adjust rightly

Final Verdict:

With cooking and baking being a common task every novice and professional home chef does at home, you certainly need a hand blender to save your time and energy. So why wait when this powerful and reliable blender is ready to make things fast and easier for you? Happy Shopping!

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