Heart Rate Tracking Smartwatch India 2021 24x7 Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart Rate Tracking Smartwatch India 2021 | Buy On Amazon

  • Bluetooth Version v5.0
  • Get a 1-year assured warranty from NOISE.
  • Manage your warranty claims 24×7 by typing SUPPORT.GONOISE.COM 
  • The brilliant 1.3″ colour display is now full capacitive touch, supporting taps and swipes, so it is easy to read and operate.
  • The strong polycarbonate case makes the ColorFit Pro 2 featherlight on your wrist.
  • And is available in 4 beautiful colours with matching swappable straps.
  • 24×7 heart rate monitoring with the built in optical HR monitor that measures your heart rate every five minutes.
  • 9 sports modes to cover all your activities, whether you walk, run, hike, bike, treadmill, work-out, climb, spin, or perform yoga.
  • Log in to NoiseFit app and track your health and fitness details.
  • Get insights on your progress and share your achievements with the world.
  • ColorFit Pro 2 can do so much more and yet it has an amazing 10 day battery life so you’ll need to charge it just a few times a month.
  • Heart Rate Tracking Smartwatch India 2021



Heart Rate Tracking Smartwatch India 2021

Heart Rate Tracking Smartwatch India 2021

Gone are the days when you would only check the time or date on the watch you wore on your wrists. Nowadays, with the modern innovation of smart watches and their wide variety in the market, its more than that coming in a single watch.

Heart Rate Tracking Smartwatch India 2021

From the ability to connect your watch with your phone, to being able to take calls or even listen to music, a smart watch today has become an ideal wrist phone. Just, it does little more than that.While we already have smart phones with us, using a smart watch ensures that you aren’t left behind in any way. Don’t get it? We’re talking about the heart rate tracking smart watch features. Nowadays, such features are present in every other smart watch.

However, it’s not easy to invest in the best smart watch that isn’t just a heart rate tracking smart watch, but also one that focuses on more healthy features efficiently. But don’t; worry, you don’t have to get puzzled in the many options in the market, as this Go Noise Pro 2 smart watch has your back.

What makes this an efficient and reliable option is its numerous health related features. From the health monitor that calculates heart rate and sleep, to the smart battery display that keeps you updated of when you’re smart pal needs a recharge, this one has it all.Additionally, you also get multiple sports mode according to the outdoor activity you plan to do.

From walking on a treadmill to doing yoga or playing basketball, and even climbing a mountain, this watch lets you choose any activity you are planning ahead. In this way, you can better keep a track of your health while ensuring that your heart rate and overall health is fine in every way.

Now don’t just settle there, as the Ip68 waterproof design and the phone connectivity options that allows easy GPS tracking and notifications of your phone moved to your watch, this heart rate tracking smart watch also offers you these features. Now that’s’ certainly a smart way to live, right?


  • Waterproof design
  • Classic black outlook
  • Lightweight design


  • Doesn’t lets you receive phone calls
  • Setup can take time

Final verdict:

With this smart and efficient watch offering numerous smart features as a heart rate tracking smart watch, its time you start keeping a track of your health the right way!

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