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  • The toning tube breaks/snaps from handle, simply send the tube back to us and we will send you a fresh tube as replacement.
  • You only have to pay nominal forward courier fee.
  • Only FITSY offers you replacement warranty.
  • The door anchor allows you to perform all the exercises with absolute ease.
  • Formulate your workout according to your strengths and goals, choosing from different workouts in the workout guide
  • TRAIN WITH COMFORT – The exercise resistance ropes are made from premium quality natural latex for maximum strength and resistance.
  • They have soft foam D-handles, pre-attached, for continued comfort during repetitive movements.
  • Cushioned foam handles provide comfortable and slip-free grip.
  • This means easier resistance tube training for both men and women alike They are lightweight, easy to carry and great for home, gym and travel
  • Home Workout Resistance Tube India 2021



Home Workout Resistance Tube India 2021

Home Workout Resistance Tube India 2021

When it comes to building your body shape and strength, there are endless ways you can do so. Hover, trying to different heavy and hectic exercises can often make it devastating or tough on your body itself.

Home Workout Resistance Tube India 2021

After all, you can’t perform every single exercise on the very first day, right? In fact, even when you’re a pro, understanding your body needs and abilities and using exercise machines accordingly is the real key to stay fit and healthy.

But if you’re a newbie or not fond of too many exercise methods, how do you enhance your energy and resistance? Since resistance is one of the key factors that help u stay determined and ready for all the life challenges, it’s only fair not to focus on our personal and physical growth in that way while we take one step ahead into the life challenges, right?

But don’t worry we understand that time can be a huge problem too. Especially when you only need to do a bit of stretching, or work on your abs, or make your muscles strengthen, or simply work on the overall body resistance. Either way, you don’t have to use a heavy treadmill or carry weight, especially when you can count on a home workout resistance tube.

For that purpose, this Reebok Heavy Resistance Tube is an ideal fit that can help you make the best use of your bodies energy and stay fit. What makes this ideal is that it comprises of no weight. So you don’t’ have to lift heavy exercise items to only work on some part of your body or try stretching. Yes, every exercise doesn’t have to be that tiring. Therefore, you can easily use this home workout resistance tube and increase your muscle strength smoothly – even on the most tiring days.


  • Doesn’t have any weight
  • Has a strong rubber resistance
  • Offers complete flexibility


  • Doesn’t comes with any carry bag

Final verdict:

Don’t make your body tired and exhausted with the heavy exercise machines when this home workout resistance tube is there to make exercise fast, easy, and accessible for you.

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